Our Team

Sherri Cappabianca – Owner

Yes, Rocky was a real dog (read his story) and Rocky’s Retreat grew out of the inspiration and desire to keep him as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Named after her beloved golden retriever Rocky, Sherri founded Rocky’s Retreat Canine Wellness & Healing Therapies in 2006 after completing her first certification in canine massage. Afterward, her practice evolved to include Reiki, Acupressure, and Aromatherapy for animals. Since 2006, she has been providing these services to dogs throughout central Florida. Sherri is also the author of two books on complementary care for dogs: “Healthy Dogs, Your Loving Touch: Acupressure Massage for Your Dog,” and “Healthy Dogs – Soothing Massage: The Effleurage Technique Made Easy.”

Sherri’s qualifications include over 1000 hours of certified training in the following areas:

Toby Gass – Owner

Toby started her business as a canine massage practitioner in 2006 after completing her first canine massage certification. Her practice was located in northern New Jersey where she lived until moving to Orlando. Toby and Sherri met at an acupressure class in 2007 and quickly became friends. In 2008, they took another class together, realized they had the same passion and dream, and decided to partner to bring the dream to life. In 2009, Toby resigned her management position in the financial services industry, sold her house and moved to Orlando where she and Sherri built Rocky’s Retreat Canine Health & Fitness Center. To this day, because of her reputation, she still receives regular inquiries requesting her services in the New Jersey/New York metro area.

Toby’s qualifications include over 500 hours of certified training in the following areas:

Jean Trauger – Daycare/Boarding Manager

Jean TraugerJean has spent her entire life with animals. Raised on a farm in Ohio, she cared for horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, rabbits, chickens, dogs, and cats. She trained cows and pigs for show in 4-H, and raised, trained, and showed registered Quarter horses throughout her life. She has spent the last 12+ years volunteering for a local dog rescue organization rehabilitating and finding good homes for abandoned dogs.

After a career in Engineering Management in electronics manufacture and architectural entertainment construction, she is happy to be back to spending her days with dogs at Rocky’s Retreat.

Brad Perry – Senior Hydrotherapist

Brad’s career began in the banking industry in Montreal, Canada, and it was with the Hydrotherapist Bradbank that he found himself in Orlando in 2001. Despite a career in banking and software, he has always had a passion and heart for helping those in need, whether on two legs or four.  He In November 2015, he lost his labradoodle, Casey to a neurological disease.  Brad and his wife spent years training Casey, who was certified as a Therapy Dog.  After months of attempts to help Casey, the final effort to save his life was to take him to Hydrotherapy at Rocky’s Retreat.  Although Casey succumbed to his illness, Brad saw the amazing benefits that hydrotherapy offers and he decided to focus his energy on helping others’ beloved dogs.

In January 2016, he became certified in Canine Aqua Therapy through The Canine Fitness Institute and since then he has been working with the hydrotherapy clients at Rocky’s Retreat. Brad intends to continue his education through personal experience and continuing education opportunities.

Team Members

Assistant Boarding/Daycare Manager – Karen Kuzemchak
Reception – Amanda Berryhill, Morgan McConkey, Karen Kuzemchak
Kennel techs – Jay Canales, Laine Richardson, Karen Kuzemchak, Craig Arnold (nights)
Hydrotherapists – David Garbush, Karen Kuzemchak

Rocky's Retreat Team