Rocky’s Retreat - Central Florida’s only health and fitness center for dogs

Why Rocky’s Retreat? Our focus is on the total health and well-being of your dog, whether you come to us for aqua therapy, boarding, daycare, fitness, training, or any other service.

We offer a boutique boarding and daycare experience where your dog will thrive in an intimate setting with small playgroups and lots of personal attention. We have the ONLY climate controlled, indoor, warm water pool in Florida. We help dogs with a variety of health conditions such as obesity, arthritis, joint and spinal disorders, dysplasias, injury or surgical recovery, and much more. And, healthy dogs, young or older, get the high quality exercise they need to stay fit. We know that giving your dog the best is your priority. Choose Rocky’s Retreat, and you’ll discover the difference.

A personal approach where every dog is family.

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Is Your Dog Protective of Things (Maybe Even You)?

Does your dog give you “that look” or growl at you when he has his favorite toy and you try to take it away? What about when your other dog gets near his food bowl? If so, your dog is doing what is called “resource guarding.” According to animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell, PhD, CAAB, resource guarding is a behavior that discourages another to take, or get too close to an object or valued area in a dog’s possession.